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In order to keep abreast with the advancing science & technology, CIPET had initiated International Conference on Advancements in Polymeric Materials, the APM series, in 2010. The conference is being hosted by the R&D wings of CIPET alternately every year – Laboratory for Advanced Research in Polymeric Materials (LARPM) and Advanced Research School for Technology and Product Simulation (ARSTPS). The APM series (2010 to 2022) was initiated to discuss the technological advancements across the globe and network with industrialists and major players in the field of Polymer Science & Technology. These events were successful milestones in the history of CIPET with excellent participation from Eminent Personalities from all over the world. Each event witnessed participation from more than 500 researchers with ~50 Invited Lectures and ~15 Keynote Speakers from more than 15 countries.

Each chapter comprises of, Plenary and keynote lectures providing in-sight to various advanced technologies, practical challenges of product marketability as well as potential research perspectives.

Invited lectures outlining advanced research fields, major synthesis and characterization techniques apart from projecting potential application areas of polymers and advanced materials thereby providing research directives to the young scholars.

Contributory lectures and posters presenting specific research ideas that could be potentially developed to meet the demands of indigenous technology. Special emphasis has been set on exploratory and fundamental research on synthesis and development of new genre of polymers. Young scholars are rewarded for their work through ‘Best Poster’ prizes.

Since the commencement of this series, there has been a high influx of ideas among the students and faculty of CIPET for developing novel technologies. All chapters, APM 2010 to APM 2022, have witnessed huge participation from International universities and industries apart from renowned Indian counterparts. Some of the key outcomes are,

Intense collaborative tie-ups have been developed with various international star rated universities like University of Toronto (Canada), University of Guelph (Canada), University of New South Wales (Australia), Sao Paulo State University (Brazil), Hannam University (South Korea), Michigan State University (USA), DST/CSIR Nanotechnology Innovation Centre (South Africa), Durban University of Technology (South Africa), MV Lemonosov Moscow State University, Moscow; industries like Biodegradable Products Institute (USA), Artlux (Mexico), Graham Packaging (Mexico), Ford (Canada) and many more, apart from renowned national universities, laboratories and industries. These alliances have been further strengthened in course of time through Faculty Exchange Programmes and Joint Collaborative Research, International Consultancies Expert lectures to PG & Ph.D students. The collaboration has also resulted in joint publications with international counterparts and patented technologies in specific areas of global interest, thereby strengthening the scientific networking of the institute. CIPET owes the global recognition acquired by its R&D wings to the conference series.

CIPET has established technical know-how for bio-based and bio-derived composites for high-end and durable applications in collaboration with University of Toronto, University of Windsor, Michigan State University, Ford and Biodegradable Products Institute under ‘Centre of Excellence’ scheme at SARP-ARSTPS and SARP-LARPM.

The conference has also been acting as an effective campaign to propagate biodegradable polymers as an alternative for petro-based ones in numerous applications.

Photographs of various APM series (2010 – 2022)