• Interaction with various scientists and researchers has helped in designing new and industry – ready projects for technology and product development in many advanced areas like Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Smart Materials, Specialized Coatings (UV resistant, superhydrophobic), Adhesives (tailored curing, conductive), Healthcare, Product Design & Development, Design Optimization etc. CIPET:SARP-APDDRL could initiate developmental activities in the areas of high importance such as Biodegradable Polymers and Products, Plastic Waste Management, Batteries and Fuel Cells and Biosensors.
  • The conference acted as an effective campaign to propagate biodegradable polymers as an alternative for petro-based ones in numerous applications. The laboratory facilitated start-ups for developing various sustainable products and finding solutions to end-of-life plastic products. Also, from the insights of lectures and presentations by eminent researchers during the conference, SARP-APDDRL could design projects in the field of energy and sensing applications.
  • Collaborative tie-ups with multi-national players in Bengaluru such as SABIC Research and Technology Pvt. Ltd., ITC Life Sciences & Technology Centre, Unilever Industries Pvt. Ltd., Baxter Innovations & Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Etc. were developed and projects / consultancy assignments have been taken-up. This has paved a strong pathway towards achieving self-sustainability.
  • Moreover, the laboratory’s alliance with Industry Associations like Karnataka State Polymer Association, Indian Plastics Institute etc. strengthened. Joint seminars, workshops and training programmes are conducted on a regular basis on topics of socio-economic interests.
  • Collaborative ventures in terms of development and analysis of novel materials took-off with premier national institutes like IITs and IISc in various areas. The conference also provided various researchers, the opportunity to utilize our facility for material development and product analysis.
  • The Industry Interaction Meet organized during the conference also acted as a catalyst to facilitate Industry tie-ups and to analyze the potential and futuristic areas for development of commercially viable technologies.
  • The conference provided the scientists and technical staff of SARP-APDDRL, an opportunity to get updated information on key issues on polymer engineering and product development.

Key benefits of APM series to CIPET:SARP-APDDRL