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The APM 2023 Conference will be have Plenary lectures, Invited talks, Contributory (Oraland Poster) presentations The theme for Conference is “Stride towards Innovations in Materials & Design” with the following broad areas,

The theme for APM 2023 is

“Stride towards Innovations in Materials & Design”.

Waste Management and Circular Economy
  • Innovative Recycling Strategies
  • Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Polymer Pyrolysis Technique (PPT)
  • Economics of Recycling
  • Application of Recycled Polymers
Designing Polymers for Advanced Technologies
  • Polymers in Bio-medical Applications & Drug Delivery
  • Smart coatings, Adhesives and Foams
  • Polymer Blends, Alloys, Network & Gel
  • Polymers in Energy Devices
  • Polymers in Automobile and Transportation
Product Design and Simulation
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Process Simulation using CAC
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Processing Techniques
  • Design Optimization & Validation
Advanced Polymer Characterization
  • Spectroscopy, Microscopy & Chromatography
  • Rheology in Polymer Processing
  • Surface tribology
  • Non-destructive testing
Sustainable & Green Polymeric Systems
  • Bio-polymer & Composites
  • Renewable feedstock
  • Tailored application of bio-polymers
  • Polymers in agriculture
  • Polymers in smart packaging
Engineering & Specialty Polymer Systems
  • Adhesives and Surface Science
  • Polymers in Energy Devices
  • Separation & Purification Membrane
  • Conductive Polymers

I Selected high quality papers shall be published in Materials Today Proceedings